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i haven't missed the bus since middle school
November 24, 2002, 11:51 am

Howdee ho, Junior Rangers.

Howdee ho, Ranger Jess!

Don't even pretend you don't know what I'm talking about, because you so do.

So this weekend I was supposed to go to NYC to see Chicago, visit a nice, trendy NYC restaurant and enjoy a sumptuous repast while saying things like "Honey, they don't call it a job for nothin'" and sipping an apple martini. I was supposed to visit Times Square and do a lot of NYC things. My bus was to leave at 6am from my school, and I was to do all these things with my teacher friends. I spent roughly $80 up front to procure my place on the bus and my show ticket.

Notice all of the "supposed"s in there? Good.

Since BG&E is apparently out to ruin my life, I didn't get to NYC and have a good time, and now I'm out $80.

My phone rang at 5:55am yesterday morning. I was dreaming of a cruise photographer that was in love with me and would make me fetch mint juleps from a fountain. It was Stacey; she was wondering where the hell I was.

Confused, I looked at my clock to see what time it was and why the hell Stacey would be calling me so early. The clock was black. Not on. Completely blank.

"FUCK. power is out."

"Jess," she said,"hon, you're never going to make it."

Because the power was out, my alarm didn't go off. Because the power was out, I missed my trip to NYC and didn't get to do all the aforementioned things and I spent $80 on the thought of having something to do on Saturday.

Broken and defeated, I slept until noon. Moped around in my pajamas. Watched Big and then Cast Away on tv. Went to Towson and got drunk with my friends.

Oh yeah, I was SUPPOSED to go to the Ravens game today, too. With CNET no less. But I'm pouty, sad, and hungover, and I bailed.

I know all of this seems silly and trivial, what with us going to war and a student from my school getting killed by a car on Ritchie Highway and starving children all around the world. I realize that I am horribly egocentric to be upset about my failed NYC bus trip and not going to the Ravens game when I should be thankful for all the good things that I have.

But right now, I feel like hitting things and slouching around in Dave's sweatshirt and complaining about the holes in my socks and playing Halo. So there.

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