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updated cast list
August 17, 2004, 2:34 pm

The UPDATED Biensoul Cast List..STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, so don't get upset if you're not here yet

Not intended to be all-inclusive, but close.

My Family

Mom, Dad, Yaya (Grandmother), Sister Nicki (24) and Sister Christina (21). We all live together in a big freaking house in Annapolis.

Notable Family Entries:

1. Yaya is in the hospital

2. Christina's 21st birthday

3. Sing a Song of my Sisters

There are many cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. that make appearances also. Check out the archives.


I'm a popular lady. I'm blessed with many friends in different groups, and I often tell funny stories about them because, they're, uh, funny. Some of them even have journals, so you can read about them from themselves!

With Diaries:

Fiestada: my heterolifemate forever; she can finish my sentences and shares my love of all things 90s hip-hop. We've known each other since 9th grade where we'd write notes to each other all damn day.

Dave Blulinepaper: He used to get me into trouble in 7th grade for laughing at his jokes, and now he just gets me into trouble for saying stupid things while drunk.

KatSlater: I am so lucky to have reconnected with her. The trip to her house was amazing, and I definitely want to throw her the biggest baby shower ever when it's time! Notable entries: England 2004, regrets

SevenSurge: Fiestada's baby brother should be my own; we share a mutual and not entirely unhealthy, love of Troop Beverly Hills.

SlowMotionRiot: A quality human being with strong political leanings, a strong love of zombies and all things un-dead, and a creative spirit not matched on this dimension.

Mike: The ringleader of the band in college; my history with him is complicated at best, and amusing, even at its worst. Notable entries: Wouldacouldashoulda, aka the conversation, Don't change your plans for me

Twelve % Beer: Am I a dork for including these folks among my friends?

Friends Mentioned, Without Diaries

Ann and Amy: known them since I was five; Ann is married to Shore Boy Brad, and I'm in Amy's wedding this fall. I collectively refer to them as "A". Notable entries: Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

The Shore Boyz: a group of guys that I met through Annie's husband Brad, most prominently Ryan the Funeral Director, Sam the Farmer, and Brad; they have adopted me as their own, and I join them in lots of adventures. Notable entries: July 4, 2003 Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4; Funny at 20, Birth of Me as a Shore Boy.

CNET: My crush for almost three years now; the acronym is outdated, as it stood for "Cute New English Teacher". He teaches with me and I go back and forth on how perfect we are for each other. Notable entries: A Weekend party, Take out the trash, The Fake Kiss, I'm over it

Megan: teaches with me, developer of secret-code language and my best friend at school

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