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linky squee: journalcon 2005 pt. 1
October 24, 2005, 4:05 pm

If entries with tons of links to other diaries, squee, and discussions of events that you were not a-privy-to because you weren't there don't interest you, you might not want to read the bastion of linky squee below...then again, if that stuff isn't your taste, why the hell are you reading this diary anyway? Food for thought.


See, this was my third one, so I thought I would have it all down pat: the proper panels to skip, the perfect time to catch food and/or a nap in order to be able to drink the next night, the right statuary to hump; then Weet and Minarae had to go and do such a goddamn great job of organizing the thing so there were no boring panels or tough choices, there were no people that I didn't get a chance to say hello to (and if I didn't say hello to you, I'm sorry, I did try and reach everyone), and there was no point where I ever felt out of place and I sure as hell hope no one else did because it was an intimate JournalCon of the huggiest type. It was FANTASTIC. From Friday dinner to teary goodbyes on Sunday, the ass-busting that it took to get it all together showed up in a gorgeous, well-wrapped present. Honestly, Weetabix, Minarae, and MoPie and the entire Con Committee? I want to have your babies now. ALL OF THEM. If I were so ridiculously well-planned and executed, I would have a global empire of EVERYTHING and be on the cover of People magazine.

I think the best thing that could have kicked off JournalCon for me was RayInAustin because he set the tone: he graciously offered to pick up some batteries for Thumper and I as he was walking to the drug store. It was all love from there!

I have to admit: I was very nervous about introducing Thumper to the mix; I like to have free reign on my time and I was concerned about babysitting. By nature, I'm a social butterfly, so I didn't want to be stuck to one place, one table, one cigarette the way he likes to be. My fears were assuaged significantly when, at dinner, I wanted to play JournalCon Bingo and Thumper wanted a cigarette, and he got up and trooped outside with my muthafuckin' dizawg and my grrrl and darling Mare; he seemed to just fine on his own, and I learned a valuable lesson in quit-worrying-so-much. He wasn't a liability; in fact, he had as much fun as I did. (More on his reactions, later.)

Anyhoo, I love that after not seeing my other "interesting internet friends" (--Mom) for months, maybe a year, it's as if we never left off. Mad love to my older sister, Weet, my partner-in-crime,Trancejen, my local girl Cruel-Irony, my favorite fashionista, Mare, the woman I consider my spiritual advisor and personal groovy mentor,the fabulous LA, and my we-always-hump-something-I-can't-believe-we-forgot-this -time sidekick, Chauffi. Also on my list to make out with: Minarae and the same time, but we didn't, but it would have been cool; MoPie who agreed with me that it was fabulous to be in love and be loved by our lovahs at JournalCon; the awesome Deb , my student in the art of the GB Butt Dance, and my adorable Science-Girl, who gives the best hugs at JournalCon.

Oh! Wait! New friends! I enjoyed spending time with the hilarious Bozoette, dancing back up for the generous Fredlet, and squaredancing with PurpleFishy.

My moment of girlish squee happened when I introduced myself to Pablo Kickasso, because I've been a fan for ages and really, he's too adorable for words. I just wanted to sodder my hip to his so we could be siamese twins for JournalCon and force him to be my new best friend.

Okay, I'm getting too silly. That's what happens when your plane is seriously delayed three hours and you don't roll into Baltimore until 1:00am and you're tired as HELL.

I love everyone here. Tomorrow, I'll post what really happened.

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