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journalcon: part III
November 06, 2005, 12:07 pm

So, I'm scrubbing the tub and trying to rid it of the gelatinous stain that seemed to take it over, and I'm jamming to my WeetaCon CD (because really, best cleaning cd EVER) and my thoughts turn to JournalCon karaoke experience.

After the disappointment of last year's KaraNOke, I was ready to lick my singing chops and get back into the swing of things with my "nice internet friends" (--Mom) and kick it. This time I had the pleasure of sharing the experience with my sisters. It was a bit weird, I have to admit; my sisters know about my diary, they read it mostly, but I don't think they had any clue about the whole community behind it all. Yeah, they had no trouble assimilating, and they rocked. I still smile whenever I think about them churning out "Try a Little Tenderness" and Nick, Thumper, my sisters and I in our family song, "Afternoon Delight" (which I'm sure was as much as a mess as I had anticipated; view only while drunk, folks).

Anyway, I was totally impressed with the go-gettedness of everyone there; there were hardly any wallflowers, even the people who didn't want to sing were dancing and having a great time. I bobbed up and down to Pratt's rendition of "Army" and did the Time Warp to Dichroic's fun cover. I sang along with Meg's "Particle Man", and howled with delight over Monty's performances...until you've seen Monty perform karaoke, you've missed out on a true American performer. I rocked out to the Mighty Kymm and her wailing Janis and danced like crazy to my girl LA's David Cassidy (yes, I know that song, silly). Pablo's crooning made me want to throw my panties at him. Man, what a good time. Seriously, all the way around.

Jake was the superstar, though. My favorite moment came when he borrowed the DJ's headset for "Lucky"...he's such a star!

When Weet was busted for offering medicine without a medical degree, she ushered me and Lisa into the restroom for a quick switcheroo of the container. It's a good thing the good doctor is clear, and Deer Park makes plastic bottles...

Anyway, as I stumbled back to my hotel room with Thumper propping me up, Weet grabbed my arm in a conspiratorial voice whispered (but I'm sure she yelled), "Go have lots of sex!" That was the plan, but as soon as we got into the Heavenly Bed, I passed out. So much for my girlfriendly duties...

Anyway, with sad faces we went to the airport and sat, and sat, and almost missed our flight to Phoenix where we sat, sat, and sat for our plane with delayed three hours, and we didn't get home until 1:00am, but we were happy because our trip rocked.

Thumper just came home with a smile on his face and a song in his heart after eating breakfast with his boss (and best friend); they went to the SPCA and now we might be getting another puppy. Oh goodness.

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