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i think i went on a date last night
February 12, 2003, 9:08 am

I think I went on a date last night.

So Dave calls and says that Skip (no, not this Skip--another one) needs to come over to my house to pick up some scrims for a 575, er something (notice the blatant attempt to look cool by writing film lighting jargon). Fine. I was itching to see Adaptation, so I asked Skippy to come over early and we'd go see a movie. Completely platonic, no strings, just because I wanted someone to go with me so I wouldn't look like a big dork seeing nominated films by myself (oh, it's happened a few times).

So Skip shows up, and since it's too late to go see Adaptation, we both agree that we'd like to see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind because it looked damn good and we were both fans of the Gong Show.

Now, I'm enamored with Skippy. I find him a fascinating person to talk to. Do I have a crush on him? I don't think so, but I am curious about him and I really enjoy talking to him. He is, at times, irritating to those around him. He does have a Steven Page-ish quality about him, and you know how I feel about Steven Page! I was excited that he was going to the movie with me because I knew I'd have a great conversation about it with him.

In the theatre, we're making jokes because we're the only people in there, and without any warning, Skip put his arm around me. Not in the yawning-surreptiously-putting-my-arm-around-you way, but just floop. There it was. And I kind of liked it. It was awkward but familiar.

After the movie, he bought me a few drinks at the bar, and we just TALKED. I learned that Skip is an excellent marksman in small arms fire. I learned that Skip is basically every kid that drives me nuts because he's ridiculously intelligent but never put forth the effort because he was above it all (and he was/is). I respect him because he's a genius at math and science yet majored in English and History because he enjoyed it more; he works in film because it's what he loves, not because it's easy for him. Skip and I like the same sketch comedy shows. Skip and I both would take the Norton Anthology of English Literature if we were stranded on a deserted island and only had one book to read for the rest of our lives. Skip and I are both the "responsible" children. Skip and I have both found that sex with love is harder than sex without love because you always want it to be mind-blowingly fantastic and special.

There was no goodnight kiss. I don't know if I really wanted there to be, but it felt a little weird just hugging him goodnight after I told him a few deep, dark secrets and he did the same. I'm confused because I never really thought about him until we started shooting, and I never really noticed him until I started talking to him; I blame the doc. footage.

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