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week two: football '04
September 19, 2004, 11:38 am

So last week, I was 11-6. Ugh. That's freaking terrible. I blame my future husband, Kyle Boller. Oh Kyle, wither the 73-yard pass you threw in high school? Gah.

Anyway, on to Week 2. Let's roll.

Week Two: September 19th

Remember babies, my PICKS are in BOLD. Winners are in italics. If it is both italicized and in bold, then Boo-ya, Muthafucka, I got it right.

1. Panthers at Chiefs: Can the Chiefs go 9-0 again this year? Probably not. Will they at least go to 2-0? Uh, yes.

2. Da Bears at Packers: Believe it or not, the Bears have a decent defense against rushing, but the Packers are a passing team.

3. Broncos at Jaguars: After last week's high-voltage win, the Broncos are amped; pity the poor Jaguars that'll have to endure a spanking.

4. Texans at Lions: There may be one person happier than I am that the Lions won last week, snapping their record on-the-road losing streak at 24. Plagued with injuries and battling the Texans (who definitely have something to prove), the Lions go down.

5. Colts at Titans: Two good teams. Two awesome QBs. Too bad there can be only one winner.

6. Steelers at Ravens: Dad says to take the Steelers; my head says "yes" but my heart says "no". To make my decision, I stared at a naked picture of Ray Lewis for about fifteen minutes. Yeah, Ravens win.

7. 49ers at Saints: The 49ers have an unproved QB with his first start; in this "Dare to Be Great" situation, I think the "great" day will go to the Saints.

8. Rams at Falcons: I doubted you last week, rest-of-the-Falcons; I won't do that again.

9. Redskins at Giants: I know I'll get a lot of flack for picking the Redskins after my tirade last week, but dammit, uh, they're good and I respect Joe Gibbs. The Giants...*sigh* are going to have a rough season.

10. Seahawks at Bucs: For SevenSurge's benefit, go 'hawks!

11. Bills at Raiders

12. Browns at Cowboys

13. Patriots at Cardinals

14. Jets at Chargers

15. Miami at Bengals

16. Vikings at Eagles

Do you want into Biensoul's LAST PERSON STANDING Football Pool?!? Of course you do. Shoot me an email or gbook or note message and I'll send you the info! Last week: 11-6. This week: 7-9. On the season: 18-15.

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