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film at my house, next weekend too
February 09, 2003, 6:19 pm

Filming was a blast!

Even though I only slept for roughly three hours, and errant gaffers put a hole in the wall in my kitchen, I have to say that I had a blast filming on Saturday. The day was catastrophic in terms of the schedule, and some scenes had to be cut for the day due to weather, lighting, and unexpected power considerations, but marked was high in the overall satisfaction and happiness of the crew.

My family gained a new appreciation for the work that goes into making a feature film and the work ethic of my friends. I think my new crew buddies gained a new appreciation for my lifestyle.

The first thing I want people to know when they enter my house is that I haven't always lived this way. This huge house is a most recent development. I grew up in a house with one shower, for Chrissakes! I heard gasps and snide comments zipping around as people came inside Saturday morning--"Well, I'm sure glad we could slum at this location" to "Wow"--I'm awfully glad that no one said aloud what I'm afraid they're thinking, "Oh, so THIS is why Jessi is given the coolest job on the set" or "So THIS is why Jessi is a stuck-up bitch."

The truth is, I haven't started taking this house for granted, and I genuinely don't think I've changed too much since moving here. Do I want to show off this house? Absolutely, but not to seem rich or whatever, but to make up for all the times I wished I could invite all of my buds to my house for a party. I want to have everyone over all the time because THAT is what this house is for: to share the space and the love with the people who matter to the most to my family, and for me, those people are my friends.

My parents wanted Mike to use this house for his movie because they love him and they want to help him any way they can. They didn't do it to buy me a part or buy me a position on set.

And I don't think that anyone really thinks that but you know me; I'm constantly obsessed with others perceive me. Call me egocentric that way.

I certainly didn't want to know that I'm currently in the "zero getting any" department, but that found its way around the crew, too.

You know that last week, I made a purchase at my sister's party; one that I wasn't particularly willing to discuss then, but am forced to now. *sigh* So, I bought this thing called the "bullet"; it's purple and small and vibrates quickly, okay? I thought it was funny!

In preparation for everyone coming and for the crew to redress my bedroom, I took great pains to insure that the bullet wouldn't be found. Could you imagine the shame and horror when, moving your bed, twelve people saw your vibrator lying stark naked against the white canvas of your carpet? Talk about announcing the fact that a) you're a total loser that doesn't have a boyfriend and b) you're so unsanitary as to store it under your bed, forgotten for the most part except for dire emergencies. I know you're with me. So, I carefully stored it in a drawer, wrapped in a towel, draped with a bandana, and thrust into a shoebox.

So the art crew is moving stuff out of my room (a la Trading Spaces...for hilarious spoof, see doc. footage to be released later), and I'm assisting them, taking out drawers (making sure that the drawer with the shoebox/bandana/towel/vibrator stays firmly out of sight), cleaning up papers that have found their way under my bed, dropping my tv on the floor, when I see my buddy Paul pause. As he picked up a box the size and shape of a video case, his face morphed from one of curiosity to one of recognition.

I FORGOT TO THROW AWAY THE FUCKING BOX. Yes, the box that once contained my bullet. The box with the two naked people captured in a stance that can't be considered anything less than compromising. The box that said "Magnum Bullet: With faster speed and vibe action!" across the top.

I snatched the box away, on the verge of tears, and stormed to the bathroom. Luckily, at the time, the only people in the room were me, Jen, Sharri, and Paul, because if anyone else had been there, I would've had a nervous breakdown.

And I nearly did, but I'll have to finish this story later.

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