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remember our fallen heroes
May 31, 2004, 1:55 pm

The plan was that the entire Biensoul clan was to converge at the Biensoul Compound this afternoon for "food, folks, and fun" cook-out style, complete with indoor/outdoor George Foreman grill and my uncle's family who I rarely see. I woke up at 1:07 p.m. after a fit of cleaning delirium that kept me awake until 4:30 a.m. to find rain outside my window and George Foreman in the garage. I'm deeming today a "bit of a wash-out" because there's three pounds of cole slaw in the refridgerator and there's no one here to eat it. So there's a lesson here: remember our fallen heroes in some time of quiet reflection, not just by gorging yourself on potato salad and playing passive/agressive one-upmanship games with your more successful family members all day long.

Re: my cleaning binge...oh, I still have a bit to go, but I am loving a clean closet. How ingenious! Hanging clothes on HANGERS to be suspended upon those racks in the closet! It isn't merely a space to pile heaps and heaps of clothes on the floor! I've done about nineteen loads of laundry and my brain is starting to be affected by the fabric softener.

ITEM! Is it exceptionally shallow of me to dismiss a person because he's a) too short and b) terribly desperate? Cut to: meet a guy on Thursday night who is quite nice and easy to talk to; also, he bought me beer. He has emailed me twice and called me three times...since THURSDAY. Now, my usual m.o. is to completely freak out and gallop up and down the sidewalk, chortling in my joy. I'm just not that interested, and it isn't because I need a guy that's as tall as a tree to hug me or something, it's just that I cannot, CANNOT be with a guy that I feel like I completely dwarf. Can't do it. Unfortunately, that limits my dating pool quite a bit, but it's a dealbreaker for me. I know, it's a ridiculous double-standard, but now I understand a bit better and I'm not so pissy at guys who look at me and think, "Um, fattie. No thanks." I'm going out with him on Wednesday to give me a chance to impress the hell out of me, or otherwise I'm going to call it a night. Ugh. Dating sucks.

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