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it's snowing...yes, again
February 26, 2003, 9:21 pm

Sorry about yesterday's entry. I needed that, but you didn't deserve the brunt of my complaints. Oh no. You're very sweet, so thank you for still putting up with me.

It's snowing again. We're getting slammed, and it's getting a bit ridiculous. My dearest darling children have the county drama festival on Friday, and they haven't even had a dress rehearsal yet. *sigh*


So, about my weekend. We filmed all Friday night, wrapping around 6:00am, and then went to Denny's. I was pleased to see that my flirtation with Skip and Joe did not go unnoticed. Step off, fellas, I'm a hellcat.

Saturday night we decided to hold a "pre-wrap" party party, and since it had been a while since I had been appropriately (or inappropriately) sauced, I hit the bottle like a champ, determined to make up for lost time. Succeeding in my mission of having no regrets and getting drunk, I managed to shoot the most scandalous and entertaining doc. footage ever. Among the captured moments: man boobs, flirting couples, wheel of intoxication, too many homestar/strong bad references, a fake "Cops" episode, and a convo in the bathroom (with nothing visible, only voices).

Oh? The conversation in the bathroom? Went something like this: (Picture, if you will, nothing at all on the screen, only blackness and our voices)

Joe: Hey, this darkness is pretty hot.

Me: Yeah.

Joe: You know, if this weren't a bathroom, I'd be inclined to be more romantic right now.

Me: But this is the bathroom of love!

(ed. note: last New Year's, no less than three couples had sex/hooked up in that bathroom; yeah, I was among them with him)

Joe: Yeah, I can feel the love. It's all about the love in this bathroom.

Me: Yeah...

Basically, I dropped the ball. Had I been more forthright in expressing my interest, I may have hooked up with Joe in the bathroom, but alas, I didn't.

What did happen was that Joe and I cuddled on the couch and talked all night about Audrey Hepburn movies and other stuff, not sleeping until 8:00am. That's right, we didn't go to sleep until 8 o'clock IN THE MORNING. Talk about being hungover...woof. No kissy face, but we'll see what transpires. I think it's nice that I have mini-crushes on the film boys because it keeps my mind off wanting what I can't have...

I spent the good chunk of this afternoon how I always spend my time after rehearsal: shamelessly hitting on CNET. Megan and I have decided to implement an attack strategy that would probably have us together by prom, but I'm not so sure it'll work.

You have to understand that he and I are perfect for each other. Surely you must concede that. Don't pretend that you don't.


This weekend I'm headed for New Jersey for a Kagan seminar (guru of Cooperative Learning for those in the know); I was picked to be a trainer for my school, which is a big honor and a big deal and I'm happy; I'm disappointed I'll have to leave the drama festival early in order to get up there on time. I promised the kids I'd stay to watch them perform and put them in seminar groups; then I'll have to go.

I'm just so proud of how the kids have weathered (no pun intended) through this. They've taken the script changes and the canceled practices with grace and aplomb, and I'm so lucky to have them. I think I should probably tell them again! :)

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