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oscar party 2004: fabulous photos
March 21, 2004, 8:45 pm

Obnoxious Fashionista: My GAWD! Has it been truly too many weeks since this retrospective on

Oscar Fashion and Fun should have been published? Let's get to the tape, Mitzi.

Society Page Reporter: Right-o, Johan, here is the 21 days-too-late report on the FABULOUS Oscar tete-a-tete at the Biensoul Compound, thrown by the always effervescent Jessi Biensoul. The 3rd Annual Event I understand broke her bank account this year!

Let's to the pictures.

Here is our affable hostess wearing Kenneth Cole. A good choice, a good choice for curvy ladies.

Note the obnoxiously large wine glass AND 12%Beer stein in her hands. Biensoul is known for her double-fisting before the party begins due to stress! That's what I've heard...

Catering was done by Sputnik Cafe. Sadly, there were no leftovers. Damn, they sure look tasty!

Stunning pink gown on Yaya, who arranged the flowers for the event. Known for her fashion-prowess, she was appointed judge of the best dressed competition (though her outfit gets my vote).

Fashion Fopa! Matt and Mike wore *gasp* the SAME SUIT! I'd rather die. It's a good thing they're both good-looking.

Upon entering the Biensoul Compound, everyone must pose on the "red carpet" for a picture...nevermind that the "carpet" is actually a sheet of red vinyl that extends from my driveway over the front walk and through the house. This is SlowMotionRiot, and though he doesn't think so, he's a fucking hottie. He turned down my request for his number. Careful ladies, he's taken!

The Best Dressed Awards went to Nikki and Rich, who were foxy as all hell. Nikki's plunging neckline kept everyone's eyes squarely on her cleavage, which was a shame, because she has a beautiful face. Is Rich single, too?

Pictured here are the GORGEOUS fiestada (who is wearing a color that only her and Julianne Moore can wear...I am green with envy) and David Blulinepaper, who looked quite handsome and not as goofy as this picture suggests.

Here you can see people enjoying the food, themselves, the telecast, and several games which were punctuated with prizes throughout the evening.

Ah, here is our hostess, throwing her boobs around to attract the attention of one Mr. CNET...I think it worked, Mitzi. However, Johan, he still has a girlfriend. Harsh, I know, but not as harsh as his get-up; what was he THINKING?!? American Splendor wasn't given THAT many nominations!

Again, the Kenneth Cole shoes, which I understand were purchased for the low, low price of $25.99. In this case, I think she should have left them on. Sore toes be damned!

Well, that's the Biensoul Oscar Party 2004. Hopefully next year we'll have pictures posted well before April, and they'll show what goes on during the AFTER PARTY...wooo!

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