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July 16, 2006, 10:28 am

It's difficult, this trying to update. I mean, it's not like I don't have a billion things to talk about (I do), and it's not like I don't miss doing it (I do), but I'm worried that I'll say more than I should and memorialize only bad things that I wouldn't particularly want to remember in the future.


Instead, a laundry list of truth, justice, and all that crap...

1. Fiestada and I have successfully pissed off ourselves by watching VH1's World Series of Pop Culture. You may remember that she and I, along with our friend Big Will, auditioned for the show in April, only to be handed our crushing defeat. Fiestada and I contend and are correct in assuming it was all our third party's fault; it still stings that we could have, and probably would have, been in the semi-finals. The scores don't lie, people; the scores don't lie.

2. When I was 13 years old, I would always try to steer any conversation I had around to Kings Dominion. As in, "Oh, your relationship is going tough, huh? Like maybe a roller coaster? Did you know that the Anaconda is the only roller coaster in the WORLD to go underwater?" and so on. Fiestada, Fiestada's brother, my sister and I were all in attendance on Wednesday, and it was a delight. Everything except my fat bottom not fitting on my favorite ride. Helllloooo, wake up call. If one's bottom is too big to fit in a roller coaster seat, then it makes the baby Jesus cry.

3. Speaking of crying, I wish I could pinpoint the exact second that my entire attitude changed regarding my life and my relationship in general, but I can't. Instead, I am reduced to near rubble whenever Thumper so much as dares walk past me without caressing my shoulder or acknowledging me. This kind of extreme validation-needing is not healthy. It's hurting us, and if I can't make it stop, I'm going to regret it for always.

4. Jack and Jill = adorable. For real.

5. I find my days less than satisfying. As is the case every summer, I go in with the best of intentions, but I end up with having viewed 46 hours of Price Is Right. Hopefully helping Yaya with various household tasks today will make me feel a bit better; the closet still looms, though.

Here's to a fulfilling week, then...

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