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September 26, 2006, 6:36 pm

I went home early from school today; mostly because my body was RACKED from the hilarious little bug that is circulating, circulating, making seven to eight kids absent a class. Teeny percentage because I was feeling alternately melancholy and joyful and sleepy and not at all in a place I'd like to be in my classroom.

I consider my classroom my safe-haven, you see. It's the best I am all day, every day. It's a joy to be there amidst my Corky Romano face on the wall and words about Shakespeare. It's a joy to be around the dear children and their earnest faces, even if they're slagging me off.

Afternoons go by quickly along with the scores of papers I grade and bigger, better lessons I have time to plan now that theatre is off the table. It's hard, though; my kids come by, they hug, and they wish me well. It's reassuring. They miss me.

This afternoon, armed with NyQuil and a season's worth of _The Office_ (British), I napped an unprecedented four hours; a record since college. I woke refreshed and didn't mind when my dad asked me to take out the garbage (left over from an excellent party...probably the best in ages) from the weekend. I talked to Troy for the first time in ages; he's well, the wife is well, and life goes on.

I thought about the four weddings I have coming up, and the gifts, and the money, and the five babies being born this spring to my friends who will all refer to me as "Aunt Jessi". All this upheaval and change and LIFE going on, and I'm stuck with a cold.

The good news is, I'm feeling healed these days. I'm okay asking for Chris for my penguin mug that he stole for me in Wisconsin (adorable), and I'm okay that Jack and Jill don't wake me up in the middle of the night now. The little things I missed so much are now giving to a new routine that involves Jeopardy and late evenings at Fiestada's house. There are more people and more parties and a better sense of self-worth. I'm FUN Jessi again.

CNET called from Japan to say hello. He's there for a year to teach, and then back to the states again. Across the ocean, I hear the sour notes of homesickness in his voice. If he only knew that a day doesn't go by in the English office without someone mentioning his name.

I cannot wait for October.

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