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what i was thinking about today
May 28, 2006, 8:38 am

We're supposed to be headed to Deep Creek right now to spend time with my Aunt, but instead, Thumper is on the basement couch trying to squeeze in a few minutes of sleep because he was up for most of the night coughing, spewing, and drowning.

This acid reflux is no joke. I cannot WAIT until he has surgery, so then maybe he could sleep for a few hours for once.

I am plenty pumped for the weekend; it's already been a good one, I have to say. Friday night Shore Boyz, Saturday watching Stephen King's It (which was not as terrifying as it was when I was 12, but whatever), and last night I got to see Devin, one of my best friends from college. Good times.

As always with this time of year, it seems like there is too much going on to process it correctly: my baby sister graduated from college on Wednesday and turned 23 yesterday, so in addition to feeling very proud I feel very old. It has been six years since I graduated from college, and I still feel like I'm there...will that feeling ever go away? The end of the year is coming so fast, I don't think I'll ever clean my office or get anything completed before the deadlines hanging around my neck, but somehow, I always do.

My replacement is coming in a couple weeks, to meet with me and go over theatre stuff. All I think about is how jealous I am of her, and how much attention she'll get, and how much everyone will love her, which demonstrates exactly why I shouldn't be doing it in the first place. It can't be about me anymore.

Did anyone else watch Top Chef as fervently and obsessively as I did? I keep wanting to talk about it, but no one was as hooked as I was. Oh well. At least there's going to be another season, AND another season of Flavor of Love which fiestada brought to my attention yesterday. Excellent.

I'm really, really glad I didn't say hello to my former students (who graduated last year) last night, because that would've totally blown their cover and their fake IDs at the bar. I'm also glad that Harley took it upon himself to sneak a pint glass into my purse and have me unwittingly carry it out to the car for him. At least now, we have an awesome glass.

That's just what I was thinking about today.

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