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biensoul's cast list
August 13, 2003, 12:53 am

The BIENSOUL Cast List

Because frankly, she needed one. Keep in mind, this is not an all-inclusive list, but maybe this can help.

La Familia:

Mom (Mom), Dad (Daddy), Nicki and Christina (sisters, age 23 and 20), Yaya (Grandmother): We all live in a freaking huge house in Annapolis, Maryland. Yes, I'm well aware that 25 is too old to be living in my parents' house; do you have grad school bills to pay? No? Then quit your bitching.

School Personnel: I'm a teacher; these are my co-workers that I mention often.

CNET (stands for Cute New English Teacher): fellow 9th grade teacher; utterly adorable and future husband/father of my children; I'm desperately in love with him and can hardly stand it; also has affinity for the Boss and pigtails.

Megan: Most often refer to her as "Agent J"; best friend at work who codes letters in 'agentspeak'; enforces missions to break up CNET from current girlfriend; damn cool chick

Brettski: Social Studies teacher; drop-dead gorgeous; spiritual brother in the sense that he and I have four hour conversations when drunk that no one else can follow but us; all around interesting person

Joshy: known him for a while; truly loooove his affinity for teaching and his knowledge of grammar

Dougie: newlywed science teacher who also coaches football; avid Steelers fan, but I do love him anyway

Wolfenstein: disgusting S.S. teacher who is, most unfortunately, obsessed with me despite being married (ew!) and father of two tiny kids (ew!)


fiestada: friend since high school (10 years! yow!); she of the drinking Arbor Mist and playing Rummikub at her house persuasion; damn fine human being...just go find out about her yourself

Dave: probably best friend on the planet since middle school; lived with him last summer; knows when to trash talk and when to coddle me; daily reader of this journal and chuckles when he sees his name in print; bald

Mike: former boyfriend but have been broken up for five years; lived with him last summer (roommate of Dave forever); director of films; often find myself in inappropriate situations with him; watches Sex and the City and makes no apologies for it

Zak aka Packy: most hilarious of the college friends; huge MST3K fan that is always good for a laugh; zerberts my cheek when drunk; actor and all-around fabulous fellow

S-M-R: actor; amazing human being; quite possibly most attentive and kind person on planet...go visit him and see for yourself

Natalie: diva; news anchor; important sounding board of information and gossip

Ann and Amy: friends since middle school, known them since we were five; twins; Annie is married to Brad; Amy is my partner-in-crime who has more drinking stories with me than anyone else

Troy: first entry centered on our breakup; became friends with him because I dated his roommate for a while in college; things didn't work out, but I'm okay now; he is for awesome

stancovet: baby brother of the amazing fiestada and my FABULOUS gay baby brother also; other avid Troop Beverly Hills quoter; always good for a laugh or to talk about the WEE BAIRNS...visit him at his little den of iniquity

The Shore Boyz

Brad: Husband of friend since forever Annie; middle school teacher; reason I'm in the Shore Boyz to begin with as he grew up on Eastern Shore and has been friends with these guys forever; fond of pulling sack out while playing beer pong

Ryan the Funeral Director: Amazingly fun guy who is just too much; a funeral director who appeared on "The Price is Right"; had Jimmy Buffett wedding last year and is married to Sarah

Sam the Farmer: a farmer; boyfriend of Marlene; refuses to call me anything but Sally and/or O'Malley

I will add more as I see fit or as I stumble upon more people who deserve explanation.

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