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May 23, 2002, 3:51 p.m.

Stole this music survey from Throcky, who is, by the way, the goddess of my idolatry.

First album you ever bought:

I remember being in RecordTown in the now defunct Harundale Mall where, in an enormous gesture of defiance against my parents (the only such gesture I believe I've ever made), I bought Metallica's Metallica on tape. The girl who sold it to me had a silver eye kind of like Alice Walker.

Name an album that changed your life for any reason:

Rock Spectacle by Barenaked Ladies. I bought it in Feb. 1998 after hearing "Brian Wilson" live in my buddy Elliot's car. We were going to get coffee in Fells Point; I was single and aching, and the wind snapped on my cheeks because we had the windows down (we were smoking). I remember thinking that, if for about 4 minutes and 47 seconds, I didn't have to think about the guy that just broke my heart because Steven Page was prone to bouts of depression like Brian Wilson, and that was okay. I think, on the whole, "What A Good Boy" is infinitely the song that I basically equate human existence to.

CD you listen to the most:

Like Throcky, I go in phases; I change all the time. The past year I have most seriously focused on Ben Folds Rockin' the Suburbs, Tenacious D's title album, BNL'S Greatest Hits compilatio, and the Beautiful South, Big.

Favourite makeout song:

Heh. In college, some friends and I decided to craft the perfect makeout tape. My contributions (in no particular order): "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaac; "Magic Bus" by the Who; "Take my Breath Away" by Berlin; and "Building a Mystery" by Sarah McLaughlin.

Your favourite CD from your parents' collection:

The first CDs that we bought in our house were Billy Joel's Greatest Hits Vols. 1 & 2 and the Doors Greatest Hits Vols. 1 & 2. My dad is weird when it comes to music because he's all over the place. I will have to say however that my mother thought it infinitely important that my sisters and I were exposed to Carole King's Tapestry from our elementary school years; I don't thank her enough for doing that...

Song you always sing in the shower:

I tend to think of Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual" often in the shower; I don't normally sing aloud because I take my shower at 5:30am.

Song or album you would want played at your funeral:

I used to joke with Mike that if he died at a young age, I'd put on Celine Dion's "All By Myself" like Nicole Kidman in To Die For and stand staunchly at his coffin. At my own, I'd like "You've got a Friend" (Carole King version) to play, then "WAGB" by BNL, then I'd want everyone to do three shots of tequila and sing "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond piss-ass drunk.

Favourite album when you're depressed:

Indigo Girls Swamp Ophelia and the Magnolia soundtrack.

Favourite album when you're mad at the world:

Maggie Estep No More Mr. Nice Girl.

Favourite soundtrack:

Jerry Maguire, Top Gun, and Magnolia. There's a definite Tom Cruise connection...

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