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August 30, 2005, 8:11 pm

So, this must be what it's like to be old:

1. After TWO days of school, I feel completely exhausted and wiped out too much to even consider doing anything but sleeping when 8:00 rolls around.

2. My freshmen were born in 1991 and have no idea who the Smurfs are.

3. Last week, Lefty and I went to Fireside, amassed a $200 bar bill, and I spent the entire next day vomiting and wondering how I ever could do that in the first place.

4. I considered purchasing placemats and matching napkins "fun".

5. I barely recognized anyone on the VMAs, hardly thought it was entertaining or funny, and turned it off after five minutes.

6. In my fifth year teaching, I have made it a goal to actually teach the kids something, whether they like me or not. For some reason, I don't care as much as them liking me as I do about them learning something now.

7. The highlight of my day yesterday was having one of my students hand me a card with fabulous hairstylist Samantha's new salon information on it.

8. I made dinner. Again. And I attempted to bake a cake from scratch. It was fine until I remember how much I loved those pudding cakes when I was little and tried to do it. The result? A huge, gloppy pile of sugar...not in that good way, either.

9. I think Grease may be too risque for my kids to perform in parts.

10. My desk is clean.

Ethical question: Okay, so I'm a teacher with an online diary. I wouldn't really want any of my students to find me online, and I've taken great pains to insure that doesn't happen over the years. What about my students' online diaries? Should I not read them? I stumbled upon the online community of my high school and most of my kids have pages/blogs/whathaveyou. The ethical part of me says, "Um, none of my business." The nosy part says, "But yes, but it's so tempting!" The frightened part of me says, "What are they really up to?" Thoughts?

Oh, and WHY ARE YOU NOT GOING TO JournalCon, bitch? Seriously, these margaritas aren't going to drink themselves! I need an audience for "Gin and Juice", dammit!

Totally kidding about the cocaine thing, btw.

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