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a million questions without any real answers
April 09, 2006, 1:01 pm

I have nothing of value to say today that isn't going to make me upset or incredibly vulnerable, so to that end, I offer you some survey lifted from my favorite Warrior Princess, LA (who lifted it from Lovely Bozoette). Enjoy tepid answers to interesting questions.

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
That's funny, I can feel my eye crispies, but I can't SEE my eye crispies! Neat!

When is the next time you will have sex?
Probably later tonight; we've been on a morning schedule these past two days.

What’s a word that rhymes with 'DOOR'?

Favorite planet?
I've always had an affinity for Jupiter, mostly because my 2nd grade brain aligned the "J"s of the first letters of our names.

Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your mobile?
Checking...Juan Blanco. I did not return his call because I forgot. Dammit.

What is your favorite ring on your phone?
Hee! So glad you asked! I'm definitely enjoying the Peanuts theme song that is my ringer currently; I get up and do Frieda's stomp dance. I also enjoy the Super Mario Bros. old-school theme and, for big laughs, A-Ha's "Take On Me."

What shirt are you wearing?
Sleeveless cranberry tank top that no longer fits.

Name the brand of shoes you’re currently wearing?
No shoes. Just feet.

Bright or Dark Room?
I hate this room, not only for its failed redecoration efforts, but because it's fucking dark all the time. Had we installed the wispy, billowy white ones I bought a while ago, it would be lovely.

What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?
LA is courageous, kind, and all-knowing; I admire her bravery and her tenacity and her talent for saying important things well.

What were you doing at midnight last night?
Leaving Wes' house pretty drunk and not at all on a familiar planet.

What did your last text message you received on your mobile say?
Oh, I love these questions. It was from Thumper who sent me a picture of he and Jack on the couch. It's fucking adorable.

Where is your letter box?
I am transient; I have one at Thumper's, one at my parents', and one at school.

What’s a word that you say a lot?
My therapist is trying to break me of my "I'm sorry" habit.

Who told you he/she loved you last?Thumper; he was getting up to make breakfast.

Last furry thing you touched?
Jack and Jill would not get off the bed this morning. They were, apparently, starved for attention and had to pee.

How many drugs have you done in the last three days?
Hee hee. Um, alcohol? Check. Aleve? Check. Nicotine? Check. Ate some special "cereal" out of a "bowl"? Check.

How many rolls of film do you need to get developed?
None, but I need to expunge my memory card of several hundred.

Favorite age you have been so far?
15. 22. 24. 27.

Your worst enemy?
O.C.D. My own insecurity. People who mistake "your" for "you're."

What is your current desktop picture?
A lizard; this is Linux, you know.

What was the last thing you said to someone?
YAY! (In response to, "Honey, breakfast is ready!")

If you had to choose between a million dollars or being able to fly, which would you choose?
With a million dollars, I'd be able to fly all I wanted.

Do you like someone?
I guess Thumper would qualify, mostly.

The last song you listened to?
Thumper is currently singing "Baby you're all that I want, when you're lying here in my arms..." as Kermit the Frog in the kitchen. I suppose that counts.

If the last person you spoke to was getting shot at, would you jump in front of the bullet?
Of course.

If you could punch 1 person in the face who’s in your life right now, who would it be?
Probably Thumper; he was a right GRUMP this morning.

What is the closest object to your left foot?
A trashbag.

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