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my life is/isn't better than yours
October 23, 2004, 7:04 pm

The Top Five Reasons My Life Is Better Than Yours:

1. I got to see KatSlater last week, freshly stateside from England and ready to party, and I didn't have to throw up during Rock Star Slumber Party! Woohoo!

2. The new play I'm directing is amazing, incredible, entertaining, and doesn't rehearse on Fridays.

3. I may get to my next paycheck without a negative balance, which means my shoe budget has been responsibly curtailed, along with other sundry shopping sprees.

4. I have a crush that I spend (seriously) every waking minute with, and we still haven't kissed, but we'rethisclose, I think. Even if not, well, he's just not that into me. And that's...okay. He's fun and buys me beer and really, that's all I'm interested in at this point, you know?

5. I have Ravens tickets, and you don't.

The Top Five Reasons My Life Is NOT Better Than Yours:

1. This past week was spirit week for Homecoming at school, and for "Generation Day" I dressed as early-90s grunge goddess. I flirted with the idea of wearing a backwards Orioles Starter jersey as well as my jeans backwards, and when I mentioned this to my freshmen, NONE of them knew what the hell I was talking about. NONE. "Guys! You know! Kriss Kross!" Blank stares. "'Kriss Kross will make ya JUMP JUMP!'" Nothing. "Okay," I stammered, "obviously you guys don't really remember 1992..." "MISS BIENSOUL!" shouted a girl dressed as Pat Benetar, "I WAS TWO!" Ugh. (My soul feels nice everytime I say "Warm it up, Kris" to fiestada, she knows exactly what I'm talking about, Willis.)

2. The boy is in love with his ex-girlfriend.

3. I can no longer fit into my "size down" jeans, which means I've been eating too much ice cream and have fallen off the bandwagon. AGAIN. I, uh, need to console myself with some brownies.

4. I still haven't written about JournalCon, at which I had a lovely time and met lovely people and partied like a rock star. Oh, and humped an animal statue. Again.

5. I'm probably going as Jamal Lewis with a bag of talcum powder for Halloween. Fucking idiot.

Life is actually excellent, which is why I haven't been here in a while. Do we ever journal when we're happy? Um, well, I guess so.

I miss you. I'm sorry.

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